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Food Court Concept

Stonefield was quickly becoming known for a place for high quality dining experience. With limited space for additional restaurants, we we're tasked with studying what an update to the dated "Food Court" concept could look like. With new proposed multi-family residents on the adjacent parcel, this space could serves as an amenity that provides a farmer's market, a local food hub, and an open market dining experience similar to the successful concepts delivered at Denver's Central Market, Columbus' North Market, and San Francisco's Ferry Building. With rooftop gardens, a second story mezzanine, and a huge light monitor, this is a concept we hope sees the green light somewhere in Stonefield!


2018-08-17 Renders_7 - Photo
2018-08-17 Renders_6 - Photo
2018-08-17 Renders_5 - Photo
2018-08-17 Renders_4 - Photo
2018-08-17 Renders_3 - Photo
2018-08-17 Renders_2 - Photo
2018-08-17 Renders_1 - Photo
2018-08-17 Renders_24 - Photo