feasibility and density studies  |  BAR, ARB, SUP & Planning Commission approval | site analysis and masterplanning

Johnson Village

Approvals: Entrance Review Board

District: Charlottesville, VA


Featuring a drive-by, this animation allowed the Planning Commission to experience the final project and award approvals before the first shovel ever got on site. With strong work by the designer in integrating a challenging site into the neighborhood, Design Develop was able to highlight the story of the ideas behind the project. This open, legible storytelling was the key to success fo the project: While complicated in 2D, the 3D animation and renderings took away the fear of the unknown to show the appropriateness and thoughtfulness of the proposed design. 

418 East Main Street

Charlottesville, VA 22902


1014 West 36th Street Suite 207

Baltimore, MD 21211