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Lillian Jones Apartments

This project is 74 units of affordable
housing including 24 special needs
units in one, two, and three bedroom
apartments around a landscaped
courtyard. A community room and
offices line the busy street front.
Parking is located over a train tunnel
easement. The building is four stories
with internal corridors and elevator.
Materials and scale fit well in this
rowhouse context. The South facing
courtyard is a series of bioswales
providing stormwater management
and a landscape amenity. The
project will meet City area building
standards for sustainability.

Size: 93,700 GSF

Location: Baltimore, MD

Completion: July 2013

Cost: $11.7M

Completed by Khanh Uong, Project Designer, with Cho Ben Holback + Associates


Exterior View
Exterior View


Exterior Courtyard From Above
Exterior Courtyard From Above

Exterior View
Exterior View

Exterior View
Exterior Courtyard
Exterior Courtyard From Above