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Historic London Town Visitor Center

The new center includes educational
exhibit spaces, archeology laboratory,
and instruction facilities that provide
a place where the history, archaeology, preservation, and horticulture programs can interact. The center was built in an
existing former underground waste water treatment plant to environmentally and archaeologically limit site disturbance. The reception area in this building is the start and finish control point for all public visits to the site, including visits to the William Brown House, a National
Historic Landmark

Size: 20,000 SF

Location: Edgewater, MD

Completion: 2006

Cost: $3,400,000

Completed by Khanh Uong, Project Designer, with Cho Ben Holback + Associates

Photo Credit: Esto


Exterior View
Exterior View

Back Exterior View with Stairs
Back Exterior View with Stairs

Exterior View
Exterior View

Lab Building
Main Building with Stair to Lower Exhibit Spaces
Main Building with Stair to Lower Exhibit Spaces
Exhibit Building Entrance
Interior Lab Building
Interior Exhibit Building