feasibility and density studies  |  BAR, ARB, SUP & Planning Commission approval | site analysis and masterplanning

Brewery Site Analysis
Planning for the long term development with eyes on near term land investments elicit a compelling masterplan.
Jefferson Park Avenue
Significant revisions to retaining walls please the Planning Commission in this unanimous approval.
Market Plaza at City Market
With a smart design, this project won a regional competition & gained SUP and BAR approvals within record time.
Spring Hill Village
Spring Hill received a unanimous vote to approve with our animation showing all neighborhood requirements met.
Page Street Feasibility Study
A "Go or No Go" situation studies the impact of multi-family residential in a historic neighborhood.
Johnson Village Community
By being able to drive by the site in 3D, this project garnered ERB approvals on it's first attempt.
Chi Psi Feasibility Study
To stay and renovate or leave and build? A UVA fraternity explores the best option for the growth.
South Fork Lodge
With our animation, approval from the Planning Commission was awarded for this environmentally sensitive expansion.
After nearly a year of BAR reviews, our perspectives and animation helped describe the concepts successfully.
Marriott Suites Hotel, Main Street
Working with national and local architects, improvements made through modeling helped secure BAR approvals.
Rivanna Village
The community won the approval of neighbors and Planning Commission
with this exciting walk through.
Waterstreet Promenade
Single Family Residences in downtown receive unanimous approval from Planning Commission.
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