Bob Pineo

Armed with undergrad and graduate architecture degrees from the renowned University of Virginia, Bob is a licensed Architect and Class A-Contractor with over 25 years experience in design, development and construction. Tech-savvy and motivated to tell the story behind each project, Bob provides the necessary tools and vision to improve the effectiveness of design, communication, and implementation. By mastering the latest advances in technology and techniques, he ensures Design Develop delivers rich, three-dimensional renderings and animations that allow our clients to participate in the expression of their desires.


Khanh Uong

Khanh Uong, AIA, has spent the past 25 years in Baltimore working on a myriad of adaptive reuse projects. He works closely with clients on complex renovations on historic buildings including performing arts facilities that often integrate modern technology as part of the revitalization. He also has experience on schools, higher education buildings, office and mixed-use projects. His work has earned AIA, Baltimore Heritage, and other design awards, recognizing their complexity and design excellence. “I find great enjoyment in the collaborative process with clients to realize their vision. Through careful listening and incorporation of their values and input, the results are always more satisfying and unique - like each client.


Mary Key

As a current Fourth-Year student at the University of Virginia majoring in Pre-Professional Architecture with a minor in Architectural History, Mary is seeking to gain professional experience with Design Develop prior to graduating in May of 2021. She designs with human experience and the organic environment as two of the major driving forces in her design work. Keeping this in mind, she believes that architects should strive to design holistically, creating their projects to shape a society focused on community as well as ecological and sustainable ways of living. With an expanse of knowledge in digital representation and workflows combined with a strong work ethic, she is committed to producing quality results in a timely manner for all clients.


Kevin Schafer

Since graduating with a professional degree in architecture from Virginia Tech in 2010, Kevin has gained significant experience working on front-end design for projects of a wide variety of scales, scopes, and uses. Specializing in 3D modeling, renderings, and conceptual design, he enjoys the collaborative process that can bring napkin sketches to life and fully believes in the value of the rapidly changing digital world as a design tool. With his work on several important mixed-use projects in Charlottesville, Kevin has added valuable entitlement successes to his quickly growing list of achievements.


Evan Philips

After graduating with a professional degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Evan moved to Charlottesville to join the DD team. Currently pursuing his architecture license, he is rapidly gaining experience and becoming a well-versed design professional. He believes architecture plays an important role in the lives of those who encounter it and that each project should strive to socially and aesthetically improve the urban realm. With an eye for detail, a strong work-ethic and skills in digital representation and modeling, he enjoys working to provide our clients with the best in contemporary design and visualization.


Stephany Stumphauzer

With a four-year pre-professional degree in Architecture from Ohio State and as a current first year graduate student at UVA, Stephany is looking to add to her professional experience with Design Develop prior to graduating in May of 2021. Both in her professional work and academic study, Stephany has emphasized design that is both practical and contextual. Her interest in combining environmental and human factors inform her unique style of design that blends the geometric with the organic. Moving forward, Stephany hopes to utilize her eye for detail, strong work ethic, and representation skills to meet the needs of Design Develops diverse field of clients.


Katherine Salata

With a four year architectural degree from UVA and a minor in Global Sustainability, Katherine is looking to pursue a master's degree after gaining professional experience at DD. She creates with inclusion and honesty at the forefront of her methodology and thinks architects should work alongside others to shape a positive, community-oriented society while looking toward an ecological and sustainable future. Katherine excels at collaboration and providing our clients cohesive, holistic design-solutions. She is focused on bettering the lives of the under-served and is eager to tackle a variety of complex challenges to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.


Sarah Gaines

Sarah attended architecture school at the University of Texas at Arlington, where part of her education involved learning practical, hands-on lessons about construction and how it is impacted by design choices. After graduating with a BS Architecture degree, Sarah moved to Charlottesville, where she plans to attend graduate school at the University of Virginia. While there are many things she likes about her field of work, she especially enjoys engaging in the problem solving and synthesizing of information which the practice of architecture requires. She views architecture primarily as a tool for service which can be wielded for the benefit of individuals, communities, and the environment.


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