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Charlottesville Studio

Trey Squares

Field Services Manager


A Richmond native, Trey studied both visual and culinary arts in school and cooked professionally for over 10 years. He followed his creative passion out of the kitchen and into a small design firm/machine shop combo. There, Trey developed a love for 3D design while he made things for a variety of different clients. He moved on to a large company where he operated optical and physical measurement machines, programmed CNC machines, and worked as engineering support.


The plant’s eventual closure led Trey back to the comfort of a small firm: Design Develop. Here, he is in command of a 3D laser-scanning machine, collecting billions of measurements and locational data from all types of architectural projects: commercial, residential, and even landscape! He refines this data and presents it in the form of a colorized point cloud, and uses it to produce hyper-accurate as-built models of each project.

Baltimore Studio