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Bob Pineo Appointed to Building Goodness Foundation Board of Directors

We’re proud to announce that Design Develop Founder and Principal, Bob Pineo, has been named to the board of Building Goodness Foundation, as well as their Development Committee, where he will serve a two-year term.

Bob first became involved with BGF in 2018, when he joined them on a trip to Nicaragua to assist with the design and implementation of “Bridges to Community Regional Health Clinic” in Hormiguero.

Bob on his first Building Goodness Foundation trip in Nicaragua

This was just the first of many trips he would take with BGF to help plan and implement schools and resources for communities in need. Bob’s enthusiasm for the work they were doing eventually convinced other DD team members, including Katherine Salata, Kevin Schafer and Evan Phillips, to come along as well. 

For the past few years, we’ve worked closely with BGF to help design a school in Chajul, Guatemala that will serve the community. Indigenous children living in rural areas of Guatemala typically stop attending school at age 10. Due to limited resources and funding, middle and high school options for these children are rare. So the new school in Chajul provides a much-needed resource for education and mentorship that will serve 120 students annually, and will support graduates in moving forward into university and professional opportunities. 

In July  2022, the first phase of the school was complete and Bob was able to be there for the opening ceremony. What an amazing thing to see an improbable, nearly impossible goal be reached that will have such critical impact. But Phase One was just the beginning, and since then we’ve been working on Phase Two, which expands the school’s footprint and capabilities including five new classrooms, a lab, a multi-purpose teacher training room and more.

Section cut rendering of the Phase Twp Buildings at Limitless Horizons

The expansion, which was designed by several of the young leaders at DD including Evan Phillips and Catherine Henebery alongside Charlottesville studio director Kevin Schafer, is now under construction. We will continue to work alongside BGF throughout the entire process to ensure the design is executed properly so that this building and the amazing people who work and attend there can continue to make an impact. In the meantime, you can learn more about Building Goodness Foundation and how to get involved in projects both locally and globally on their website

Limitless Horizons Phase Two is now under construction

Future view from a similar vantage point

Students of the school gather around the construction site

Future view from a similar vantage point



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