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Bob Pineo started his career – and his appreciation for valuable data in the practical world of construction – straight out of high school at his brother’s construction company. After discovering his parallel passion, architecture, Bob Pineo  started Design Develop and has since strived for precision, efficiency and bringing his client’s visions to life using 3D visuals, virtual reality and photorealistic renderings.


With locations in Charlottesville, VA and Baltimore, MD, Design Develop's goal is to produce logical and buildable designs centered around our client's desires, budgets and inputs. In order to build these designs successfully, we utilize high-level BIM and point cloud scanning technology that can provide exactness and eliminate possible human error. Bob Pineo explains, “My job as an architect and my passion for building things correctly is embedded in the idea of designing to physical constraints, so the more I know about what I’m designing, the better.”


Design Develop projects include commercial, residential, industrial, and developer driven work. However, our day-to-day work typically consists of heavy collaborative relationships with General Contractors. At times, the contrasting roles between architects and contractors leave room for gaps and oversights which can contribute to rework and adjustments in the field. Our goal is to utilize new and emerging technologies to identify and prevent possible oversights to ensure our clients receive the best outcomes.

Detailed Building Information Modeling is critical to our practice. The inclusion of tech

3D Point Cloud Scanning

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