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Camp Holiday Trails

Subaru Dealership of Charlottesville

Revitalizing an existing dealership to realign the building with the company's brand identity.

Brazos Tacos

Insigntin Health Office

Transforming a historic building into a contemporary office space for an innovative startup company.

Seminary Residential Expansion

Urban Oasis

A safe, inclusive and energetic space that aims to provide the Panway neighborhood of Baltimore, MD not just with what it needs, but with what it deserves.

Field School

A proposed design for a new campus to house a local school.

Wellness Retreat Center

A proposed expansion to a wellness center in the heart of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

Wertland Street Apartments

This proposed apartment building aims to compliment it's historic context by preserving and reinforcing the scale and character of the surrounding area.

Vineyard Tasting Room

A tasting room in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Lake Resort and Event Hall

A lodging, event, and recreation center on the shores of Smith Mountain Lake.

Residential Renovation

An exciting second story addition to an existing ranch.

Madison County Office Building

A proposed office complex coming soon to Route 29 in Madison County.

Residential Addition

Contemporary addition to a historic farmhouse in Charlotteville, VA

Stonefield Escalator Enclosure

A glass enclosure provides shelter from the elements when headed to the movies.


Our local design / build sign company needs a new home.

Region Ten: Women's Center

Seclusion in an urban environment allows for healing and restoration.

Limitless Horizons Ixil

This school focuses on empowering an underserved community in rural Guatemala.

ATO Fraternity

A new addition to house the Alpha Tau Omega chapter at the University of Virginia.

Performance Signs

Expansion to an existing fabrication and design facility.

Route 29 Expansion

Clean, sleek, and modern, this addition for medical suppliers projects an intelligent face towards the Albemarle County Entrance Corridor.

Belmont Affordable Housing

An SUP for increased density leads to micro-unit infill on a tight downtown lot.

Day School at Cascadia

Taking nods from the historic schoolhouse, this bright facility blends in nicely with it's neighborhood context.

Region Ten: Louisa

A rural town gets a high quality health and wellness facility.

My Mama's Vegan Café

A popular vegan restaurant, this café renovation reflects the vibrant personality of the owner, and assists in redeveloping the surrounding community.

Miller School of Albemarle Library Renovation

Renovating a historic library with a modern mezzanine.

Car Wash

A former flooring showroom is surprisingly well equipped for an indoor car wash in this renovation on an Entrance Corridor.

Cascadia Office Building

A contemporary inviting look at modern office space.

Ivy Office Building

Vernacular form in a series of three creates a streetfront in downtown Ivy

Crozet Park Community Center

Health, well-being, inclusion, and community are the focus at this 32,500 SF facility designed to meet the needs of everyone.

Food Court Concept

A fun study envisioning an industrial, urban market feel at the Shops at Stonefield.

Urban Core Apartments

This condo study takes aesthetic cues from the historic building already on site.

Varsity Park Apartments

Twenty units on a tight lot focus on breaking down the mass and scale just steps from the Corner.

Jaunt, Inc.

Following an office renovation, the bus service garage gets a facelift at Jaunt.

North Town Retail Center

The pedestrian takes priority in this modern reinvention of the typical strip retail center.

Ablemarle County Addition

A study of placing space in its appropriate context

Plaza 285

A tired retail plaza gets a facelift while working with existing structural elements.

Region Ten: Greene County

Designing a high quality outreach center within a constraining set of limitations

Rialto Beach Residences

An opportunity to test the importance of the backdrop for everyday life

Arc of the Piedmont

Accessible and functional, relocation of this non-profit allowed for growth and enhanced services

Region Ten: Preston Avenue

A 30,000 SF renovation involved stripping away the broken promises of past interventions

Albemarle County Residence

With respect for it's natural setting, this residence clusters three programs around an interior courtyard.

Chi Psi

A corner lot requires respect of the historical original house with a bold neo-classical addition on the rear.

C+F Bank

This new bank fits its context at Stonefield.

Old Trail Heights

Mixed-use meets New Urbanism in this 22,000 SF retail / residences

Southern Office Building

A study on the merging of residential form and office use.

Sapon and Swisher Dental

A modern, high-tech dental care practice is reflected in the built form.

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